Sunday, December 9, 2007

state of the union... close to dead

I don't know... Dems are ready to cave again to the American Abortion bush... Reps are just disgusting fear mongering assholes... Media has the push on for Clinton and Romney (they had it for the so-called American Mayor, but he's screwed up so many times even THEY cant make it all better)

I've pretty much decided to go for Ron Paul.

At least his ideas aren't more-of-the-same, and they don't change daily.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Americans (?)

OK, I can't stand Bush, not a surprise to anyone. Cheney, scum with nothing resembling a conscience. Congress is turning out to be useless too

But this post are about probably one of the biggest majorities in the country and the one that can do the most damage... The uninformed and/or lazy sheep.

How many people know ANYTHING at all about what's going on in America, what Bush is trying to take over today, what Congress is letting him get away with, who Blackwater is shooting this week, SCHIPS, Telcom immunity, the buffet of bullshit coming from the white house, the ball-less wonders in Congress....

A lot of American's live in a little protective bubble and read about non-threatening things like Hollywood, who's in rehab, who's pregnant, who's getting married/divorced. Or even worse they read about the issues but they read it on slanted sites like Fox, and ONLY fox and get an injection of propaganda without having the antidote, rounded knowledge.

Hard to blame them though, the media sucks. They give you crap for news because that's what their sponsors want them to give you, what's what the politicians want them to give you, and they go where the money and power is.

Dig, people, don't take ONLY Fox, MSNBC or CNN's word for ANYTHING. Read around. I HATE Fox News, but I read it every day, because Momma always told me to keep my friends close, but my enemies closer.

You wouldn't leave your doors unlocked and go to work, you don't want your possessions stolen, or ruined right? How indignant and furious would you be if someone broke in? Well this is your COUNTRY fer crissakes, it's your property too, and when you're not informed and involved, you're leaving it's doors unlocked and you see the kind of scum that walks in and steals your rights and money!

Read, People dig for the answers... Question... Get pissed... Don't sit on your asses and watch America go under because it's not affecting you at the moment, it's too good for a fate like that. Watch the evildoers inside our country AND out. I mean terrorists, sure, but I mean Bush and Cheney and Rove and everyone that's counting on scaring the bejesus out of you about Terrorists at your door, so you'll follow them and give them money and give them power and let them do the only thing they know, go to war.

On the flip side, watch Congress. Watch the useless Democrats cave time and time again, and watch the Republicans weave a protective layer around bush and his atrocities. Remember that in a years time you can KEEP the status quo and watch America finally crumble, or you can find people that do the job they're elected to do, represent YOU, not Big oil and Drug companies, not Tobacco, not lobbyists. Do watch, though for those few gems that DO the job and do it well, in 2008 you can show your appreciation by letting them lead the way again.

Vote Democrat if you can, vote Republican if you must, but at lease vote informed. Don't give away yet another right or someday you'll wake up and have none left.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

At the home front...

Now I just don't bitch about the losers in Washington, here in Gilbert we have our small town/big town problems too. Right now it's a debate over who has control over your property.

We have businesses who put fliers on your house door. They hire people to walk around putting this junk on your doorknob. in your screen, on your garage, wherever. Some people, myself included, don't want this litter, and consider it trespassing. Others want these fliers. Businesses whine that this is a major source of their advertising and they'll go out of business without it.

The town council is debating the whole thing.

I say that my property starts at my property line, and the only ones that should be on it are invited guests, whether friends or businesses that are invited BY ME to be on it or emergency/utility personnel. I don't think people have a right to cut across my yard and put junk on my door. If they hurt themselves, I'll be responsible. The fliers come off and go scattering across the neighborhood. and dammit, I bought my house and if I don't want this crap, I shouldn't have people on my property leaving it.

The town council and chamber of commerce say "but businesses need it". Who gives a crap, other businesses take out ads or find other ways to advertise, they're just too damn cheap to do that, they'd rather pay someone 5 bucks and hour to leave their litter. Since when does their profit override my rights to have who I damn please and NOT have who I damn please on my property.

Even in smaller political ecosystems I guess lobbyists (Joe Blows Landscaping) have more rights than a citizen. And I guess that politicians are politicians whether it's Bush protecting his buddies at the phone companies, or a town council protecting Joe's right to leave crap on my door.

The council is debating the whole thing. We'll see.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Election '2008

Here's my views on the main candidates Democrats first since I fervently hope they win. These aren't views on the issues, just gut feelings.

Clinton - I don't trust her and I don't trust the media's and Republican's attention on her. After the last 8 years I want to have confidence that the president isn't out to screw the country, and I couldn't dig that up for her. She's almost like a mini-neocon

Obama - I like the guy. He seems trustworthy. Definitely better than Clinton. A little rough-around-the-political-edges, he falls for the media-Clinton baiting too much, but he'd be my second choice among the frontrunners.

Edwards - He's my first choice. He seems honest, knowledgeable,and doesn't seem wishy-washy.He says the same today as he did yesterday, unlike Clinton. Without the media attention, unfortunately, I doubt that he stands a chance.

Kucinich is really my utmost favorite and I'd vote for him in a new york minute. He seems to be a mirror of the candidate I'd make up from scratch if I could. But here in Paris-hilton land where looks, boobs and square jaws are higher on the list of priorities than brains,integrity, and common sense unfortunately I can't see him winning. (Plus he's got an incredible wife, who has killer looks and more brains than the entire Bush administration).

Now for the Republicans, who all seem to be the Black Forces, and I can't ever see myself voting for...

I guess Romney would be first choice mainly cause he's the lesser of the evils

Giuliani - this guys scares me. Anyone who depends on the pain and suffering of the victims of 911 to show how wonderful he is, is lower than whaleshit in my view. If you have a platform, stand on it. His platform changes every time the polls do.
This guy could only bring our country down the rest of the way to oblivion. Hell the firefighters and cops in NYC dont even like him. Hell his KIDS dont even like him. I think I'd vote for Jeb Bush over him.

McCain - He's not good bad or otherwise, he's just useless. I've had him for a congressman since I've been in Arizona, written to him countless times about issues and never heard back from him. He's missed so many votes I was wondering if he was dead, but he keeps showing up in the news (unfortunately not in the Arizona news, since he does nothing worthwhile here)

And then... Ron Paul... He's sorta like the bag-o-shit on Woot, Seems like something good, can get excited over it, but still, could be just that... a bag-o-shit. His views seem somewhat exciting, getting some of the power out of Washington, especially after the incredible butt-holes we've had there since 2000... I hear good, I hear bad, I hear good. I just don't know.

That's it, a definitely unscientific poll of one

Friday, November 16, 2007

Wish I may and wish I might

Remember when you were a kid, and you looked up to your president as the "leader of the free world"?

Remember when you were a kid and you felt safe because you were an American?

Remember when you were a kid and you knew the world looked up to us as an example of how democracy should work?

Remember when you were a kid and you weren't quite sure what went on in government, but it worked?

Remember when you were a kid and you learned all about the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of the government, and the way there were checks and balances between the three?

Isn't it too bad that our kids won't be able to have these kinds of memories?

Place your bets, Folks

Well, we have the FISA bill, we have the SCHIPS bill still wallowing, and of course Bush's all important money for his illegal war. We have the republicans spouting their usual trash about terror lurking in every corner, and supporting our troops by allowing them to get killed longer, and who cares about kids, we need to money to support our troops by letting them die some more (sort of a circular kinda thing. Also we have their outrage that anyone would dare sue the Telcoms just for doing Bush's dirty deeds. How dare we sue them, and anyway God knows we don't want them to spill the beans on the dank secrets about how badly the constitution and our rights to privacy are being screwed.

We have the Democrats "standing strong" about everything, and looking almost like representatives.

Now the bets are, what date will they cave on everything. I bet before the end of the year chimpy and Darth have the whole shebang, the phone companies will celebrate their new found immunity by raising our rates, kids will continue without insurance, and of course our troops will keep on dying so that Big Oil can keep its greasy hand in Iraq.

Heres a bet I fervently hope I lose...

Remember, Congress, no you cant beat a veto, but you can damn sure do a Pelosi and take things off the table that Bush wants.

Oh, that's right, Pelosi only tables impeachment....

Monday, November 12, 2007

Poor phone companies

So Bush thinks they should have immunity because they were working off his office's orders? Please explain this. They betray their customers because bush says they should even thought it's obviously against our constitutional rights. If Bush said they should cut off service to anyone who disagreed with him would they have? Nope, that would have cut into profits, THEIR little God.
They have lawyers, they have no problem using them if you don't pay your bill. Qwest had lawyers and they said Uh-uh, no, it's against the law and they decided not to do it.

Bush just wants to give them a mass pardon because they were good bushies, and by the way if they decided to talk, we'd find out how badly Bush has trampled our rights.

Last I knew we had a right to sue people who have infringed on our rights, and it's up to a judge to decide whether the lawsuit was justified. But that's not bush's way, is it. Cover up, threaten, tear up that damn constitution that keeps getting in his way.

I say let the law decide, not that bunch of neocons that seem to be trying to turn the country into their kingdom We have laws. Follow them or pay the penalty.